Our Story

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The creation of LUX SILK MASK took us on a journey of five months of research and development. We searched for the finest fabrics that provided the safest level of protection and highest level of comfort, while maintaining unquestioned elegance. Our masks were created as a new fashion accessory.

Our founder, Susan Velez, with a background in international business, had the foresight that COVID-19 would be around for an extended time. We all felt the loss of control in our lives, both personal and business, during the “shelter in place” order.

Therefore, Susan began to investigate a way she could maintain her unique sense of style while complying with the mask ordinance. Through this process, she learned that silk offers the best protection over all other fabrics. With this knowledge in hand, she brought her silk scarves to her personal tailor to create her own protective face masks.

In this process, she teamed up with several highly-skilled artisans. These women have been struggling for months to provide for their families as the volume of requests for custom alterations had greatly decreased. Susan saw the opportunity to create a highly valuable product and provide a new way for these skilled artisans to use their talents. The origins of LUX SILK MASK had begun…

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